Raising children is one of the most rewarding and demanding experiences on can take on.  Children and adolescents do not come with instruction manuals.  Allow our team of clinicians to work with you to provide support, education and strategies for parenting across the lifespan.  Our approach is developmental, and focuses on what your child needs at each age and stage to best support their growth and development.

Our parenting classes begin with an individual intake appointment, providing an opportunity for you as a parent to share your joys as well as your challenges.  A treatment plan is then developed, identifying the areas of specific attention to be addressed, as well as the duration of the program.  Parenting classes can be time-limited, or expanded to provide more support and guidance during difficult times.  Please contact Fareha Ansari, M.A., at, for more information or to schedule your intake appointment.

Co-Parenting Skills

Putting Children First tackles the new challenges of coordinating and communicating when there is a divorce or separation.  Coping with a divorce or separation can be a difficult process for adults.  Often others try to be helpful, but their guidance may not always reflect what is in our children’s best interests.  This 8 week program provides parents with the tools to develop a positive co-parenting relationship, with a focus on how to prioritize your children’s needs.  Sessions focus on developing co-parenting guidelines, effective communication between co-parents; and developing a parenting plan and workable family schedule.

Each parent participates in an individual intake appointment to discuss their challenges, hopes and goals for the group.  The groups meet for 60 minutes, once per week, with planned topics and skill building with other parents who are also navigating this challenging time.  While parents who are separating would both benefit from this program, they do not have to attend the same group in order to build their skills.  Parents can also seek out parent guidance sessions to more individually focus on their family.

High-Conflict Parenting Group

If your family is currently experiencing high-conflict in response to changes or separation, our 4-week High-Conflict Parenting Group may be for you.  This intensive class focuses on how to establish boundaries and reduce conflict when coparenting.  The goal is for you to maintain your cool, despite conflict.

Please contact Dr. Carol Reid at to schedule an intake appointment, and determine which coparenting group would be best for you.