Group Therapies

Please note: Our current groups are being offered virtually.

Men’s Alternatives to Violence (PAIP)

This group focused on improving men’s relationships.  Each group is designed to help men identify and develop satisfying intimate relationships and increase ability to resolve conflict in intimate relationships in a healthy, egalitarian way.  Our office is an approved provider for domestic violence group intervention.  Our groups are offered weekly and throughout the year, with open enrollment.  Participants may be self or court referred to begin services. 

Please contact our coordinator, Dr. Carol Reid, at 847-483-0800 to schedule an intake.

Anger Management I

Do you feel that your anger is in the driver’s seat, causing problems in your relationships, at work and in the neighborhood or community?  Anger Management I is a 4-week group that focuses on teaching participants new strategies for regaining their control over this complex emotion. 

Please contact our office at 847-483-0800 to schedule an intake to begin this journey towards increased self-control.